Aztec Gold Hemp Cannabis Artisan Chocolate Bonbon Truffles

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Aztec Gold Hemp Cannabis Artisan Chocolate Bonbon Truffles

Northspur is excited to launch Aztec Gold premium chocolate for professionals seeking an edible with clean, farmer-grown American hemp and cannabis.

Full-spectrum Cannoleum cannabis oil in these hemp chocolates provides maximum therapeutic benefit: better than expensive prescription medicine, safer than alternatives, and healthier than vaping. Make the switch from vape pens to Aztec Gold hemp cannabis edibles–a tasty treat after work. This is the good-tasting supplement you don’t want to miss.

Low THC: less than 0.3% (approx. 10 mg per truffle).
Low CBD.

Hard-working professionals use Aztec Gold to relax and unwind without the side effects of dangerous pharmaceuticals. Some people use Cannabis sativa for its health improvements and vitality-boosting effects. Regardless of your intent, our hemp cannabis ingredients contain essential fatty acids and triglycerides that aid in the absorption of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids into the body, increasing their bio-availability and enabling their therapeutic effects. These include polyunsaturated omega-3, -6, and -9 fatty acids: linoleic, α-linolenic, oleic, and γ-linolenic acid. Omega-rich edibles can boost cannabinoid absorption up to 3x higher than comparable lipid-free formulations and vape pens.

Clean, hexane-free, and ready to eat. Proudly developed in the USA.

Package correction(s):
Net weight is 48g.
1/2 truffle serving is 4.8g.
Keep out of heat.

Not for children. 21+ only. Compliant with the national hemp program. Also be sure to follow your local regulations.

Ebay: 5-piece pouch

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