Craft Cannabis is the New Wave

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Craft Cannabis is the New Wave

As the cannabis industry matures, the new wave of the green rush is making its way into dispensaries, greenhouses, warehouses, and retail shops across the country. “Craft cannabis” is analogous to the explosion of craft beers and breweries in cities all over the United States. The concept embodies the development of new and unique flavors, forms, and experiences to appease consumers with a seemingly endless variety of tastes.

Dixie Elixirs provides an admirable example of the production of marijuana-infused products. They incorporate the active ingredients of cannabis into lotions, candies, beverages, foods, and more. Plus, Dixie Elixirs utilizes other herbal extracts to complement and enhance the main ingredients of their offerings.

Consumers have also been pleased with businesses like Lightshade, CanChew, and Native Roots to name a few. They provide large selections of goods that include pure concentrates, tinctures, gums, edibles, drinks, and topicals. Not only does the craft cannabis trend enable sales growth for dispensaries and producers, but it also allows these companies to control the quality of their products by keeping processing internal. Furthermore, these businesses are able to gauge their own customers’ interests and decide what cannabis strains and potencies to offer.

And none of it would be possible without the extraction of cannabis oil concentrates from marijuana. Large numbers of ambitious dispensaries, producers, and cultivators are taking advantage of the craft cannabis movement by developing their own brands of infused products. As a leader in supercritical extraction, Verado is well-positioned to supply these innovative companies with the quality extraction systems they need to get the job done.

Photo courtesy of Michael Roberts / Colorado Harvest Company.

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