Cultivators Reconsider Discarding Trimmings

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Cultivators Reconsider Discarding Trimmings

While trimmings and other marijuana plant byproducts may seem destined for the garbage, it turns out that there may be liquid gold in cultivators’ trimmings. These parts of the plant are removed to aid growth of the plants’ flowers, yet they themselves contain appreciable quantities of the valuable compounds, THC and CBD.

Using HPLC-UV, MCR Labs found that stem sample THC content could be up to 9.2% depending on the proximity of stems to flowers [1]. Other less understood variables also effect variation in trim potencies. In addition to stems, a well-run cultivation operation will yield water leaves, sugar leaves, and unformed nugs. Brian Penny of Cannabis Now reports on the potential for extracting concentrates from cannabis trimmings:

“Water leaves (leaves without crystals) are often left in the trim to be extracted. Although THC isn’t extracted from them, the leaves contain a variety of terpenes and other valuable nutrients that round out the plant’s capabilities and the extract’s flavor. By the time the trim is ready to blow through an extractor, what will be left will look like the trimmings from mowing the lawn. The extraction from this will be as good as anything one would get from extracting nuggets.” [2]

It is clear that flowers are not the only beneficial component of marijuana– greenhouses and outdoor cultivation operations that take full advantage of the oils in cannabis trimmings are generously rewarded.

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