Our customers deserve the best value. That's why we've tabulated data that helps potential buyers make informed decisions when comparing products. Normalized THC prices more accurately represent a purchase since they are the price per gram of THC rather than the price per gram of substance.

Normalization of pricing requires a simple formula:
(Price per gram of product) / (THC Content) = (Price per gram of THC)

The edibles dosing calculator is a simple tool that can be used to normalize prices and determine precise ingredient needs.

Normalized THC Pricing - General Reference Table

Top row: price per gram of product
First column: THC content
Output cells: price per gram of THC
Northspur Pricing
ItemTotal Price (Qty)Normalized Price
$ per g THC
Infused Cocoa Butter, 3.4 mg THC/g, Emerald$47.81 (2 lb)$15.50
Infused Cocoa Butter, 3.4 mg THC/g, Glacier White$55.52 (2 lb)$18
Cannabis Concentrate, CO2-Extracted, Espresso Oil$362.50 (25 g)$18.13
Cannabis Concentrate, CO2-Extracted, Golden Oil$237.50 (25 g)$19.00
Infused Canola Oil, 2 mg THC/g$30 (2 lb)$16.52
Vape Liquid Refill, CO2-Extracted, 55% THC$262.50 (25 g)$19.09