Cannabis-Infused Consumables

We provide ingredients and supplies for a variety of edibles makers, food manufacturers, and processors. Our goods are also used in topicals and other cannabis-derived products. We use a combination of cannabis indica, sativa, and hybrid strains to deliver affordable ingredients that meet customer specifications.


Whether you’re a professional chocolatier or cocoa connoisseur, your confectionery needs are covered. Prepare milk, dark, or white chocolate.

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Crystalline and non-crystalline candy supplies are available in the form of cannabis concentrates.

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Baked Goods

Baking is an art that requires the right inputs. Find ingredients for cookies, cake, bread, pretzels, crackers, pastries, and more.

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Our THC extracts are compatible with fatty drinks (high lipid content), such as milk. We do not currently offer water-soluble THC for liquid beverages.

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Extracts may be blended with liquid vaporizing agents to improve their flow properties and provide a healthier alternative to smoking.

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Cooking Oil

Precisely-dosed vegetable oils provide a safe, simple way to prepare 420-friendly meals and foods regardless of what you’re cooking or frying.

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Topical lotions, sprays, and cosmetics infused with marijuana and hemp extracts offer a convenient way for consumers to enjoy cannabis scents and aromas.

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Candles, gum, jerky, bacon. At a certain point, we’re only limited by our own creativity. Opportunities are boundless.

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