Turn Trim Into Cash

Fill out this form to request cannabis trim pick-up, and you will be contacted to arrange a time and day for pick-up. This service is currently available only in Los Angeles County, California. Information will be kept confidential, and your collective/company will be compensated based on the THC content of the trimmings within 2-4 weeks of pick-up.

Take a moment to join the Northspur collective online (5-minute process) prior to requesting a pick-up. Only one submission per Member is required.

Trim Compensation Rates:

Minimum Cannabinoid Content: 3% THC
Trim must be clean, mold-free, and free of harmful pesticides.

Supplier payment per kg = [Total THC %] * $22.80
Trim with 6.5% THC yields $148.20/kg ($67.22/lb).
Trim with 10% THC yields $228.00/kg ($103.42/lb).

Provisions for Transporters and Shipping Contractors

Please download and fill out the shipping manifest for each shipment, or write down the appropriate information on a physical notepad prior to shipping. Carry this with each shipment.