Vitalized By Northspur: Customer Guarantee Partner Program

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Vitalized By Northspur: Customer Guarantee Partner Program

Northspur has launched a partner program with select businesses to ensure California’s cannabis consumers that the edibles and vape products they buy contain only safe, clean ingredients. All state-compliant businesses are eligible to apply for the program in partnership with Northspur to lock in 3.5% savings on all ingredient products sold online with no limits.

Research shows that a variety of preservatives, synthetic pesticides, and additives are present in the U.S. food supply despite national oversight by the FDA, USDA, and EPA. A lack of federal accountability has led to a loss of reliable assurance that non-certified foods, vapes, supplements, and herbs contain only ingredients, extracts, and concentrates that are fit for human consumption. Our partner program offers an extra layer of consumer security to food and herbal medicine by ensuring that we screen out harmful levels of pesticides and solvents in our supply chain and products.

Vitalized By Northspur

When consumers see the Vitalized By Northspur logo on a final product’s packaging in California, they can trust that they’re buying a product containing safe ingredients from Northspur. Qualified edibles manufacturers feature the Vitalized By Northspur logo on the visual exterior of a product’s package with dimensions of 10 mm H x 68 mm W or greater.

Northspur California is a mutual benefit corporation sometimes known as NorthSpur, North-spur, or North Spur.

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